Susie, Diabetic Cat
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Susie, Diabetic Cat

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Pages about Feline Diabetes in General

What is Feline Diabetes?

What is Feline Diabetes?

How to check that your cat remains as healthy as possible

What can go wrong and what to look out for
Types of insulin, injection tips, etc
Links to other sites for a lot more about Feline diabetes
Pages about Susie
Susie's Diabetes Story
Susie's diet and how it changed over the years  
Susie's water to dry matter ratio - what it is and why I measured it
Susie's insulin injections, with graphs of dosages and urine glucose figures  
Why I decided to change vets and how I went about selecting a new vet
Pictures of Susie, all available as thumbnails
  • Thank you for visiting these pages.  If you have not seen these pages before, there is a good chance that you have a cat that has just been diagnosed with diabetes, you are not sure what it all means - for you or for your cat - and you don't know who to ask to find out.  You have searched the internet to see what's available and you have arrived here.

  • That is exactly where I was back in 1999 when my then 10 year old cat Susie was diagnosed.  There were no books that I could find and there were few websites, none of which at the time seemed to have just the sort of information that I was looking for, presented in the way I wanted to find it.

  • Nowadays, there are many more sites available on the net and you can try all sorts of keywords and combinations in any of the search engines to find some.  If the pages here help you to find out about diabetes in cats and to come to terms with what it means, then they have been a success.

  • Susie lived to be over 16 years old before she finally passed away in January 2006.  She had been diabetic for more than 6 years and for most of that time she had enjoyed her advancing years in good health, with her diabetes under good control, and some extra care and attention from me.

  • Please note that I am not a veterinary professional, but was the owner of a diabetic cat.  None of the information or comments available on this site or in any of the links is a substitute for proper professional veterinary advice.  If you suspect that your cat might be diabetic, has any other medical condition, or is an any other way unwell, please contact your veterinary surgeon for proper professional advice.



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Important note:  All information and opinion in the Susie, Diabetic Cat pages is from personal experience.  Nothing in these pages is intended to be a substitute for proper professional advice, which should always be sought from a qualified veterinary surgeon.

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